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Sharing Services Global Corporation is a publicly traded company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value through the acquisition and development of innovative companies. SHRG is committed to maximizing value to our shareholders through organic growth, of its wholly owned subsidiaries. The Sharing Services combined platform leverages the capabilities and expertise of various companies that market and sell products direct to the consumer through independent brand partners and e-commerce. Technology, eCommerce platforms, and gig economy opportunities are targeted for acquisition, new business development, and management.


Increase Share Holder Value by adhering to standards of excellence that optimize the value of the people involved, supply chain, and channel of distribution, achieving optimal customer satisfaction through every subsidiary and partnership interest.


Always ahead of marketplace trends, fulfilling needs, creating sustainable enterprise growth, and consistently increasing share-holder value.


Being a public traded company, the quality of internal decision determines the quality and success of outcomes. Emotional decision making can often tilt the decision-making objectives. Adherence to Guiding Principles and Values serve all in arriving at the most effective and collaborative decision. We offer the following as framework:

We exist to serve people.
If it is not good for the people we intend to serve and support, it is not prudent for us to invest.

Technology must always be a strength.

Less is more!
Simplicity is replacing complexity. We must adhere.

Research is the foundation to excellence in decision making.
We make decisions when research is completed.

Quality is the foundation to sustainable success.
This applies to every component of the business, especially customer service, communications, and relations with those whom we serve.

Speed is Important.
The speed of change requires timely decisions otherwise we will watch others who complete their research and make their decisions faster.

No Compromise.
We compete with ourselves to stay true to our principles and values.

Creating an ENTERPRISE requires developing brands developing people , not labels…

The marketplace is very favorable. Consumers have more choices and their purchasing behavior has shifted. eCommerce platforms are expected of every enterprise. The new competition is the gig economy and other eCommerce platforms. Labels are not needed when there is a focus on building brands, serving, and rewarding the people who become ambassadors of the brand.

SHRG’s primary subsidiary Elevacity Holdings, LLC., the parent of its wholly owned subsidiary, The Happy Co., a health and wellness products company based on utilization of independent Brand Partners who sell The Happy Co. product line.

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